"Annie Speaks"

Annie Speaks celebrates and uplifts the profession of teachers, and inspires listeners to focus on children's emotional and spiritual needs. 

Annie's methods of teaching Helen Keller to communicate are showcased as a metaphor for todays educators to consider teaching as the building of relationships. As an iconic woman and educator, Annie Sullivan promotes a student-based pedagogy that fosters excellence and heart.

Veteran educator, award-winning actress, and motivational speaker Collette Cullen, performs as Annie Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller's teacher. The presentation is a historical and philosophical overview of America's most famous teacher/student duo. In Annie's voice, Cullen narrates Annie's impoverished early life, the obstacles she overcame, and her vision for Helen and the world. 

Collette has been has been selected for the Michigan Humanities and Arts Touring Directory. The Arts & Humanities Touring Program awards grants to help support the fees and expenses of touring performers, artists, exhibitors, and humanities presenters listed in Michigan’s 2019-2021 Arts & Humanities Touring Directory.

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"March 3, 1887, the day I met my teacher Annie Sullivan, was the day of my soul's birthday."

Helen Keller