​"​…the reaction was overwhelmingly inspiring. I don’t think anyone who attended will every forget this event.​"

Judy Anders, President Historic Memorials Society in Detroit

Thank you very much for your spirited presentation of Annie Sullivan and the story of her role as teacher for Helen Keller -- and inspiring and fascinating story, and I loved your emphasizing that Helen Keller positioned her meeting with Annie as her "soul's birthday."  Communication as the freeing of a soul is a wonderful metaphor! Thank you for bringing your heart and spirit to St. Anne's Mead.

Marion (Mame) Jackson / Co-Director CON/VIDA - Popular Arts of the Americas

Collette’s presentation on Annie Speaks was great. She really had the audience involved. Her presence dressed as the character of Annie was wonderful. Collette is very passionate when it comes to educating her peers and children.

Ruth Gagel Senior Services Dearborn, MI

The many guests and spouses were treated to a very special presentation of “Annie Speaks” by Collette Cullen. She is a teacher, actor, and writer with 38 years of classroom experience working with special needs children. She gave a beautiful presentation in the character of Annie Sullivan, who was the teacher of Helen Keller. It was performance art at its best. She sang, gave background information, and told of her experiences and adventures as she weaved the amazing story of her life with Helen Keller. Helen was the first blind person to achieve a Bachelor’s degree, and from Radcliffe, no less! In Annie’s voice, Collette told of her impoverished early life, (including doing Vaudeville with Helen) the obstacles she overcame, and her vision for Helen and the world. It was an outstanding program.

Dearborn Kiwanis Newsletter February 27, 2013

Dear Collette (aka “Annie”): On behalf of the Henry Ford Village residents who had the good fortune to experience your dramatic portrayal of Annie Sullivan last week, I send my most sincere appreciation and thank. You were excellent and inspiring, educational and just plan fun! We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Annie and her student Helen and that one persons love and commitment can change another’s life. We wish you the best as you continue to bring your special message in behalf of the children of the world.

Myra McInerney Community Resources Director at the Henry Ford Village

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for the performance of “Annie Speaks”, written and directed by Collette Cullen. Her outstanding performance was not only educational but also inspirational. She inspired me to look beyond what is normal behavior for a woman my age (63) and to reach for my dreams. Mrs. Cullen not only performed but also wrote this play. She came to my workplace for Women’s History Month 2013. There were at least 50 people in the audience and everyone had something positive to say about the performance.

Habooba Ready Paralegal Specialist, Customs and Border Protection, Diversity and Inclusion Program Committee Co-Chair